Want to have access to more career or educational opportunities? Studying languages in school? Looking for a new challenge?e

Continue learning a new language wherever you are in the world!

The Inspire Academy is a language training centre with a twist, focused on delivering high quality lessons personalized around how you work best.

No matter where you are in the world, we make effective language learning possible all over the world via Skype, WhatsApp and on our e-learning platform.

We can offer help with…

• Conversation skills and practice
• Grammar knowledge and application
• Retaining and increasing vocabulary
• Writing and Reading improvement
• Job opportunities (including help with application)
• Communication via the internet
• Preparing for future travel
• Improving overall confidence when communicating in French, English or Spanish.

All these aspects of French coaching thus allow students to achieve their objective, namely to speak another language with ease and confidence, whatever their age.

Our lessons can be delivered via…

• Zoom or Skype
• WhatsApp
• Email
• Our E-learning platform (Unit workbooks each with an exam)

If you are looking to take a language exam, we can adapt our training to your needs to work on these certifications.

A payment in instalments is available if performed by card blue. All our payments work through Wooommerce and Stripe, and are therefore secure.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, contact us via our email contact@inspireacademyonline.com.