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  • I can honestly say that you inspired me during the whole time we spent together, week after week, through an extreme happiness, and positiveness in each situation you met, whatever how bad was it.
    Sasha Quince // Founder, Lets Go Yoga
  • It is with great pleasure that I recommend The Inspire Academy Biarritz, a passionate and talented teacher, and also full of ambitions.
    Miranda Davidson // Owner, Miranda Davidson Studios
  • Sometimes there are some names you don't mention in you resume, even if they are more important in you career that other things you did before. The Inspire Academy is one of them : a name I do not talk about, mais a key-name at a strategic moment of my career.
    Jérôme Thuillier // Global Sales Director at VEJA
  • Maryam is not a teacher, she's a friend. She smiles everyday, she listens to me a lot. She helped me to find the name of my company. It helped me to feel more confident. Now I believe in myself. I felt positivity and more happiness. I learnt to be more clear in my head about what I want. I understood my objectives. It gave me more motivation and a push. I'm a health coach thanks to The Inspire Academy Biarritz.
    Sabrina Leroy // Health Coach and Founder of B.Healthy
  • At The Inspire Academy Biarritz, there is always a positive energy. Maryam is very dynamic and positive. The Inspire Academy gave me the skills to exchange with other people, other cultures and it made me more confident.
    Xabi Guichard
  • I love The Inspire Academy because it's fun, it's positive. I play with Maryam and my friends. I feel happy.
    Mélissandre Joris
  • I did the lessons in a good mood. The Inspire Academy is not only learning English but it is also coaching.
    Céline Bouery // International Advisor and Consultant
  • It is really easy to speak with Maryam. She's really encouraging, she does not stop me, she would let me speak. I took 60 English lessons and I never missed one. I learnt a new vocabulary for my work but also how to speak English in current life. Now I know how to communicate with people and I am really proud of myself today.
    Marine Gervreau
  • I think it's a really good style of learning English. There is always a good atmosphere. I felt good, relaxed. Maryam is really funny so we laugh a lot. I felt better after each English lesson. I think I've progressed a lot. Now I have a better understanding. I want to say thank you to The Inspire Academy Biarritz pour all of that.
    Lucas Mostajo // Étudiant lycée américain