From its definition "curriculum vitae" in French "cours de la vie" the CV must reflect your professional life. It must contain all the information related to your career that is useful for the job you are applying for. A good CV must be in place, but must contain elements already in place.

The resume is a reflection of what one represents in the professional environment: it must be different and unique. It is therefore important to devote time to its realization because it will necessarily be in the hands of several recruiters. Our academy offers a personified help to make your job easier. We advise you and give you our tips for success. The Inspire Academy allows students to write CVs in multiple languages, so you can benefit from our culturally specific recommendations. We accompany you during all stages of the realization of your CV.


Writing a good resume is the desire of the recruiter to hire you. Indeed, companies receive many applications and know how to sort very quickly. This is why it is important to stand out from the other candidates by proposing something different, again. Your CV must stir up the recruiter's curiosity from the very first moment, it must convince him and make him want to analyze it in depth.


With every great CV comes a matching cover letter. A cover letter can be the decision-maker of getting a job or not getting the job.  A cover letter is a document sent with your CV to provide additional information on your skills and experience. It is, however more personalized to the company that you're applying. The letter provides the details of why you are suitable for the position and why you should work in that organization. You need to prove that you're a strong match for the position being offered. It's a way that employers distinguish who they are going to interview. Even if the company doesn't specify that they need a cover letter, it's always best to include one anyway with your CV. Make the effort and you will get the results. In fact, the cover letter is the first written contact that you will have with your employer so first impressions definitely count.