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Challenges are a powerful opportunity to boost your self-esteem

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Setting challenges every day is one of the ways to build character and become a little “bigger.” The transcendence helps improve the image we have of ourselves. Outside of our comfort zone, we allow ourselves to be open to others.

Challenging oneself allows us to truly realize the abilities we carry in ourselves and our talents.
We only progress by putting ourselves to the test, leaving our comfort zone. This can be simply by starting the initiation of an artistic or sports practice, or by learning a new language.

«To be defeated without peril, one triumphs without glee» – Corneille

When we triumph over a situation without encountering resistance or difficulty, the victory is devoid of merit.
Evolving involves adapting and constantly questioning oneself. Not to live on its achievements and always be in a logic of perfectibility.

In order to be able to challenge yourself and get out of the known, we must be able to identify the outlines of our comfort zone. All we really want in life is outside this area, otherwise we would have it already …
Once we have identified our boundaries , we will have to make a gradual change to our situation

One step in front of the other!
If we want to challenge ourselves to achieve sustainable change, change must be realized little by little…
For example, the initiation to a new language is a challenge: learning new grammatical structures, a new conjugation, declinations, intonations, accents is not so easy. However, with a spirit of challenge, these difficulties can be turned into an incredible opportunity to excel. A dose of motivation, method and regular work allows us to assimilate a new language so that all the discovery of a new culture is offered to us.


surfing to surpass oneself

To challenge themselves, we offer our students sports activities while learning the language of their choice. This allows them to open up to another vision of learning. A way to learn so much more fun and fun, that we even forget the initial difficulty.

Therefore, the activity “Languages ​​& Surf”is also part of our activities where the spirit of challenge must remain present. Indeed, challenging the waves while harmonizing with them is a nice way to progress in the construction of his person. Each wave is an opportunity. The opportunity to continue to move forward, to slide and be in the moment always more intense. The alliance to learning a language is so much more beneficial . We always carry out this activity with great passion.Therefore, we transmit the love of a language, the love of a sport but also of the aquatic element to our learners and more broadly the opening towards the life.

In these conditions, the conversation in foreign languages ​​begins in the car when we are getting ready, and while walking towards the destination. Analyzing the environment, putting in place a strategy to optimize the surfing session allows deeper integration of the language.

For all of our activities, students are accompanied either by us or by our speakers and we always stay close to the desires of our students, their passions, to propose the most adapted activities and live authentic moments.

Indeed, our pedagogy is out of the box . We value the Human, we wish its development at all levels. We propose what individuals need to push them to go further.

languages ​​& fun

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