In truth, what is courage?

Courage, a familiar trait yet not so easy to define.
To be courageous can evoke the hero in us, allowing us to perform great and beautiful actions. Though, it is also possible to be courageous in our daily lives.
The word “courage” originates from the heart, it is defined as a feeling of righteousness which allow us to go through tough situations because of having overcome hardships linked to fear, danger, distress or even tiredness. Traditionally, bravery is known as a necessary quality for a hero. Moreover, it involves an energy which beautifies the person and brings them beyond danger.


Courage as a high standard

In psychology, bravery is considered as a personality trait. To be brave is to dare giving up the easiest way to do things, it is to takes risks. Another aspect of courage is to realize the difficulty of some things which in turn will make us feel less vulnerable by “taking courage by both hands” So, courage is a real quality, it can also involve being responsible, or adapting to change.
The term “to encourage” means to stimulate the will to live, moving forward, being responsible, being the actor in everyday life, in a nutshell it is to feel alive!


CourageIt is also to be friendly toward others

From a moral point of view, courage must be guided by a just way of thinking, it is estimable only if it seeks to serve all people without a selfish interest. Someone brave can be represented by a person who transmits in any way the will to live. In that way, “Hang in there!” is a support expression that we can say to someone before they make an important decision, do a tough job, face an obstacle or simply a challenging time…


Dare to defend your ideals

To be bold is fighting a battle you care about, it is to resist a foregone conclusion, deal with general pessimism, set a particular goal and work hard for it. Perseverance is an integral part of courage. Thus, a brave person lives its ideal life and defends it, they dare to keep their dreams alive.


Learning how to be courageous is possible

Courage is not an innate capacity. A person can form and transform themself thanks education and experiences . Our strengths are acquired through trials that requires presence and constant effort. We need to challenge difficulty in order to fulfill accomplishment and then we will become courageous human beings.