Discover the most beautiful places of the Basque Country in English

Thanks to languages, you are at home anywhere – Edmund de Waal

The Basque Country is a beautiful region that attracts waves of visitors each year. It is a region that has a great cultural and natural wealth.

Its cities, including Biarritz and Bayonne, are a must-see of the region. The Inspire Academy invites you to discover the Basque Country in English!

The Basque country is a very touristic region not only for France, but also for Europe and the rest of the world. When we go on a trip to visit a new place, we also expose ourselves to meetings of new people. English can become the opportunity to meet more diverse people. English is spoken worldwide as a second language. This language allows you to travel almost everywhere and builds bridges instead of isolating us in our misunderstanding.

If you live in the Basque Country, visiting your region in English will allow you to rediscover in a new light what you think you will know. You will acquire historical knowledge of Basque towns and villages, and learn a whole range of vocabulary related to tourism and visits. What do you say to become yourself the person who will make tourists from far afield discover your region, your city, and their stories?

Don’t wait, and discover the Basque Country from the point of view of an English speaker and improve your level of English. New encounters and fun guaranteed!

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