Challenging yourself is a powerful opportunity to strengthen your self-esteem. Setting challenges every day is one of the ways to build it and thus become a little « bigger » every day. Surpassing oneself contributes to improving the image we have of ourselves. Leaving our comfort zone, avoiding ease allows us to build our person to better approach others.
Challenging yourself allows us to become aware of our abilities and talents. We progress by putting ourselves to the test, by leaving our comfort zone. For example, by starting the initiation of an artistic or sporting practice, or by learning a new language.
– Crow
When we triumph over a situation without having encountered resistance or difficulty, victory is meaningless. Evolving implies constantly adapting and questioning oneself. But also, not to live on what you have acquired and to always be in a position of perfectibility.
To be able to challenge yourself, you have to know how to identify the boundaries of your comfort zone. Everything we really want in our lives are outside of it, otherwise we would have it already…
Once our boundaries have been identified, we will need to make a gradual change in our situation. One step in front of the other! If we want to challenge ourselves and achieve lasting change, we have to go step by step… For example, learning a new language can be a challenge with the learning of new grammatical structures, new conjugations, variations, intonations, and the accents, it’s not so easy. However, with a spirit of challenge, these difficulties can be transformed into an incredible opportunity to surpass yourself. A dose of motivation, method and regular work and so allows us to absorb a new language so that the whole discovery of a new culture is available to us.
To challenge our students, we offer sports activities where it is possible to learn the language of their choice at the same time. This allows them to open up to another vision of learning. A more playful learning method, so that even the initial difficulty is forgotten.
The « Languages & Surf » activity is part of our activities, where the spirit of challenge must remain present. Challenging the waves while adapting to them is a great way to progress in the development of yourself. Every wave is an opportunity.
The opportunity to continue to move forward, to slide and to be in the moment is always more intense. The alliance with language learning is so much more beneficial. We always carry out this activity with great passion. In this way, we transmit the love of a language but also the love of a sport and the aquatic element and, more broadly, the openness to life.
The practice of foreign languages begins in the car, when you get ready, when you walk. Analyzing the environment, implementing a strategy to optimize the surfing session allow a deeper integration of the language.
In all our activities, the students are accompanied by our team or our counsellors and we always try to respond as well as possible to our students’ passions, so that the activities are the most appropriate.
Our training is out of the box. We value the human being, we wish his development at all levels. We offer what people need to push them to go even further.