Self-confidence isn’t something that comes naturally

Daring, gaining self-esteem or experience can help you act boldly without thinking twice about it.

Here are some tips to succeed in confronting others and succeed in what you do:

  • Assert yourself : On a daily basis, knowing how to assert oneself is the best way to be heard and respected. To find a balance in relationship with others. To affirm oneself is to take care of oneself and develop our capacity to defend our rights without encroaching on those of others. It’s about having an attitude that allows us to clearly express our opinions, our needs, our feelings.It is able to say not without aggressiveness, to ask something without apologizing, to respond calmly to a criticism. To do this, try to speak louder, look in the other person’s eyes, and speak directly to the person concerned. 


  • Create the contact : Indeed, engaging the conversation with a stranger or even with your neighbour to take the edge off can seem to you insurmountable. Tell yourself that everyone is nervous when they have to approach a third person. Precisely, force yourself to create contact instead of continually trying to avoid it. This should reassure you and allow you to find the best ways to build relationships.


  • Learn from your mistakes : To avoid new failures, you must know your mistakes. Evaluate precisely the reasons for your past failures, both professional and private.


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