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We teach with passion because we that is what we have inside of ourselves. In addition, our greatest wish is to pass that on to those who ask to An exciting job is a job that suits us, a job that is aligned with our natural talent, with our potential. It is the one that offers us a field to explore, which nourishes our thirst to know, to achieve or to give. Passion is a more invaluable at work to be happy. Passion takes the strong people and and make them forget all the constraints of their situations and pushes them to give the best they can.

We really love our job, we like to share, give and see people empower themselves and reach their goals, thanks to our work. We’re so grateful to see these developments.

When you practice your profession with passion, the promotion of our services is done by itself. People, happiness is being able to receive quality service with an enthusiastic professional, conveying this enthusiasm around him. Simply connecting to our natural teaching abilities is what allows us to vibrate and give with great ease.


The fulfillment of your goal is ours


It is true that learning a language is not easy. That’s why we offer learning that adapts to the needs and preferences of young and old alike. So if your goal is to develop a project of study, professional or simply to learn while having fun come to The Inspire Academy!

For more details see the testimonials of our members in the video above.


The Inspire Team


  • Are you a person who likes challenges and action, and are you going after the goals you have set for yourself?
  • Do you have a degree to teach foreign languages?
  • Do you like to coach and give strength to people?
  • Do you like sports?
  • Does music fascinate you?
  • Do you aspire to create authentic human relationships?


 The Inspire Academy is looking for people with many characters – energetic, passionate, selfess such as you, to join and integrate into our Inspired Team

Do not hesitate to contact us on the campus of Biarritz or Bordeaux.

The Inspire Academy

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