Who doesn’t dream of talking over a drink in a foreign language?

The French classes we provide at The Inspire Academy provide students with a solid foundation for their daily lives. Our main goal is to give them the basics of the language essentially through oral practice .

Classes in the form of conversations in French are our most basic and meaningful method. Using this, it shows our students how to communicate, and share. It allows them to learn a maximum of vocabulary that is useful and reusable in everyday life.

Around a tea, a coffee, a glass of water for the most shy, The IA ​​initiates the conversation. Thus, the student feels more able to converse, and find his words. The student no longer restricts itself to errors but instinctively opts for the solution to speak a lot and with confidence in order to understand and be understood.
Your language will undergo a relevant evolution and you will come out of it more motivated and confident than ever.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, if you want to take classes in French, English, or Spanish on the Basque Coast.

The Inspire Academy
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