Learn Spanish while having fun 

Do you live or spend your vacation in the Basque Country? Want to learn Spanish in a different setting? With our « Spanish & Fun » program,you can enjoy entertaining activities while speaking another language. You will always remember the things you will learn while having fun.

The Spanish & Fun program from The Inspire Academy – what is it? Well, its name speaks for itself … the fun! Students can have fun for an hour and a half while conversing, learning with a combination of coaching and creative exercises. Afterwards, the class is followed by another hour and a half of fun experiences outside (class). All of this in Spanish, accompanied by our dynamic coaches!

Students learn Spanish with the teaching method of The Inspire Academy, learning the language naturally, and using everyday life while doing fun exercises. Finally, our Spanish classes allow children, teenagers, and adults to really live the language through experience team building, art, music, sports, and culture.

This being said, our offer is aimed at all levels and all ages.

For more information, call us at 07 78 03 89 86, write to us at this address: contact@inspireacademy.fr or contact us on the campus of Biarritz or Bordeaux .

The Inspire Academy

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