Today, English being one of the most widely used languages in the professional world, it’s mastery has therefore become a necessary skill to succeed in « boosting one’s career ». That’s why at The Inspire Academy we offer you the opportunity to work together to share our ideas and develop your language skills, which will help you achieve the best possible results for yourself and your career development.


First, we will work on oral presentations and self-confidence in order to obtain a certain ease in speaking and therefore a more fluid performance. It can be done within your company or at The Inspire Academy, located in Biarritz. To do this, we will use slideshows, which will capture the audience’s attention, organize the subject, clarify and finally script the presentation.


In a second step, we will train to express ourselves in front of the camera, due to the increase in the number of interviews by video conference. But also to make the most of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, which are now the « showcase » of your activities and allow your customers to make a first impression.


Finally, Maryam, the Director being of Canadian and American origin, will be able to share with you her experiences of having participated in various French competitions (whose expected language was not her own). This will allow you to gain self-confidence on the one hand and on the other hand, to make your content even more exciting and interesting.


If you are interested or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can agree together on a possible appointment, during which we can answer your requests.