Our language immersion programs are geared toward any individual, or group of individuals, interested in learning another language and its associated cultures for personal or professional enrichment. Our training courses are specifically designed for you. Developing your personal development and self-esteem is our main goal. Our teaching methodology focuses on providing a positive and pleasant environment to be able to learn a language while living enriching experiences.

These programs feature a plethora of focused and engaging language learning, cultural presentations, hands-on activities (games, sports, arts, music, etc.) from the target cultures as well as meals from the countries where the target language is spoken. The aim is to offer activities where the student can let off steam, surpass themself, deploy his creativity, ideas, talents and acquire more autonomy and self-confidence.



Our talented and motivated coaches are ready to help you improve your Spanish, English or French. They provide expert instructions in small and large-group settings. Specific language-learning groups of 2 to 8 learners are assigned based on participants’ language abilities, allowing everyone to be challenged based on their level of fluency. Learners of all skill levels actively engage in experience-based situated learning scenarios that allow for plenty of practice and advance your competencies.