Let’s Have Fun at The Inspire Academy

Creativity is intelligence that has fun – Albert Einstein

No more theory, boredom, and passive learning. Times are changing, and our goal is to lead to new ideas.

At The Inspire Academy, learning is synonymous with fun. You dreamed about it, we acted on it! To blossom in learning and even in one’s life in general, is accessible to all.

Everyone is a genius. But if we judge a fish on his ability to climb a tree, he will spend his life believing he is stupid – Albert Einstein

First of all, at the IA, the students come in being themselves, which makes learning easier. But to add to all of this, there’s the satisfaction of learning. The IA offers a pedagogy where students exchange and learn through experience. Other activities include painting, music production, board games, songwriting … but also outdoor activities (bowling, basketball, skateboarding, photo shoot, yoga, surfing …).

We can help you more in your professional life. It is equally important to be satisfied in our work environment. With this program, the student has the flexibility to choose the subject he wants to address. We adapt your classes to your goals. Whether it’s TOEIC preparation or another language contest. If your goal is to work abroad for a Spanish company, or to communicate with your English partners, you will receive tools and experience to learn the vocabulary, grammar and cultural gestures required to make you understand.

As you may have understood, helping students is our priority. This is why we have created a new training to accompany them in their ambition, passion, through their career and their business model.

Be Positive. Be Inspired.