Teenage Years: The ideal time to learn a new language

By their teenage years, children tend to approach a more academic, less spontaneous way. They perfectly master their language during adolescence and no longer have this  motivation  characterizing the very small: the desire to be understood.

More innocent , they will be  mistaken for  making mistakes, of being ridiculous and of seeing their comrades make fun of him. Learning a foreign language is more of an  effort  than a  pleasure  . It’s up to you to motivate him to find a new language. For example, establish  family rituals  . Once or twice a week you can do an activity together, a meal, a sport, a family outing, where for half an hour everyone will try to speak English.

You can also offer a book, or a comic book that you will read  together  . Listening to music or watching movies in English is also a great way to improve a teenager’s language skills.

The possibility of a  trip abroad  or an  exchange  with the family of a foreign student can aussi be very helpful to tackle a language and Its Culture. This allows the teenager to better approach the world around him. The important thing is that your child feels your  interest . May he have the  pleasure  of sharing with you this new learning.


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