At The Inspire Academy, learning is also sometimes … musical!

It is important for us to push our students to success by being closer to their desires and their tastes. The music is one of the passions for the majority of our students. 

It is also the passion of the founder and trainer of our academy: Maryam Lafargue.


Thus, in our academy, we have a  » home studio  » allowing our students to learn French (or English) while leading the project to create a song as professionals.

From instrumentalization to lyrics, we accompany students in their creativityHelping them to accomplish their projects. It is always a pleasure to see them fulfilled in their passion. Exchanging in a new language that they apprehend so with more ambition.

This method is not popular enough to be used by the majority of teachers. Indeed, a study conducted by the University of Edinburgh shows that singing in foreign language learning makes it possible to remember twice as many words.

Do you remember when you started at school? If so .. remember your nursery rhymes! We have all been there, whether it was in kindergarten or elementary school.

As a result, for the child, the melodies are speech facilitator . 

« The practice of the song favors the acquisition of the musicality of the language. It makes it possible to identify the sound components of the language. The syllabisation and the rhymes indicate the internal rhythm of the sentence. This helps the child to restore the melodic curve of a sentence. » According to the Ministry of Education.

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