Experience a spectacular learning vacation. Travel alone or with your group of friends. Our personal immersion coaches will meet your level of French, provide tailored French lessons, fun excursions, comfortable accommodations, and gently entice you to speak French as you share your daily life with them.

Studying on an immersion course, in Biarritz or in the Basque Country, will allow you to learn French fast. You will be able to effectively balance time for active learning of the language with leisure and natural interaction with French speakers.

Our focus is on the quality of teaching. You will take advantage of very personalized French lessons. Our immersion programs allow you to benefit from a private teaching style. You will be able to practice communication in French, and you will swiftly develop confidence in holding spontaneous conversations with local people.

So join our language immersion program and learn french on your holiday! We will make sure this experience is enriching for your French vocabulary and language skills and will also be, first and foremost, a pleasurable time for you to spend with welcoming people in amazing locations.