Are you spending your summer in the Basque Country? Why not enjoy your vacation while improving your level of English?

Living with more life experiences will make you happy. Trying new activities will allow you to discover new people, hear new sounds, and feel new feelings Especially for children and teenagers who are on a break from school or university, during this long summer period.

It is always better to take advantage of a new language, for example. So, our academy offers English courses during the summer holidays. The center of the Inspire Academy is located only a few minutes by car, from Basque Country’s beaches. Basque Country has to offer.

Combining learning and leisure is nothing new in our academy. Therefore, we offer you language programs far from the typical theoretical lessons.



  • There is also the   »   English & Fun    » program. This class will take place in a fun, casual, positive and encouraging environment. This structure will be beneficial in learning the language of Shakespeare.



Our academy also offers intensive English classes this summer, which will help you improve your language skills through practical exercises. These courses take place in our center in Biarritz.

For more information, call us at 07 78 03 89 86 or write to us at this address:

The Inspire Academy

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