Everyone learns their first language by listening and then speaking during real life experiences. That’s why the best way to learn a second language, whether it be French, Spanish, English, etc, is by listening and speaking, but with practical exercises that will develop skills and success tools for life.

With The Inspire Academy, language skills are developed though repetitive practice.

Reading and writing is important too, and are used as preparation before your language class begins , like a warm up.

We also ask students to read out loud and use the new words , phrases, and grammar they have learned in their own way by giving true examples from their every day lives and experiences. But most classes are focused on developing comprehension and speaking skills which help students communicate and understand confidently and with ease.

During the language skills courses, participants learn their language of interest through a series of practical and hands on exercises while developing and enhancing skills that will add value and success to their lives both personally and professionally.

The Inspire Academy Biarritz, situated between Saint Jean de Luz, Bidart, and Anglet , is a training center that  helps students learn languages ( French, Spanish, English) by using all of their senses, so that their language experienced is heightened and the information learned is retained through positive real life experiences. We used applied learning , learning through action ,  and confidence building exercises so that students feel good about the language they are learning , feel the feelings of achievement, and go off into the world with a new set of skills that will help them to achieve the goals and aspirations they have like getting the job they want, traveling the world, acing an exam,  communicating with colleagues, building new friendships, etc.