The Inspire Academy adapts to the needs of each student. Our training courses are designed by us so that they are perfectly suited to you. Thus, we can help you to understand a language through a specific sector of activity, a particular theme or vocabulary specific to situations in your daily professional and/or personal life. Our main ambition is your personal development and self-esteem. The Inspire Academy focuses on teaching in a pleasant and positive atmosphere. Sharing and proximity with students are essential to us.



Our pedagogical model is based on learning a language while living enriching experiences. The language is thus associated with a positive event and the learning process is greatly facilitated. In order to vary the pleasures, the academy offers its students the opportunity to choose from several activities to be carried out during their school hours, in the language studied. The aim is to offer activities where the student can let off steam, surpass themself, deploy his creativity, ideas, talents and acquire more autonomy and self-confidence.

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Number of Training Hours

20 40 60
Number of Activities to choose from

3 6 9