M A R Y A M   L A F A R G U E

F O N D A T R I C E  &  D I R E C T R I C E

Born in the United States and raised in Canada, Maryam Igram decided to settle in France to develop a new approach to language learning, inspired by an American coaching method. She established her accredited training centre The Inspire Academy in 2015 in Biarritz.

Its offered for a varied public – students, children, companies, employees, job seekers wishing to develop their language skills on a professional and personal level – benefits from personalized support. Using her coaching and teaching skills, the two “aspects” of her positive method, she develops with her students their language skills but also their self-confidence. Inspired by the learning of a mother tongue, she favors role-playing in language teaching, which can be done by drawing, walking, painting and even singing. With great success in the region, it has been able to develop and diversify its range of services thanks to a network of other freelancers to offer language courses.