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Learn Global Skills with Language Immersion in France

Learning a new language is a global skill that will set you apart from the crowd. For kids studies show that this means better grades, more brain development and greater academic success. Kids can learn a new language through 1 on 1 instruction, online learning, group classes and immersion stays.

Learning a new language introduces students to a whole new world. Think about all the different cultures that speak French, or Spanish, or English. Children not only learn to communicate in another language, but they learn about people around the world who speak that language.

Many cities are becoming more and more diverse. In fact, in New York City, only 50% of the people speak English at home. Learning a new language will help children develop relationships. Knowing a second language is often a source of accomplishment and pride for children. It helps boost their confidence and their curiosity about the world around them.

For high school students, knowing a second or third language will give them access to top universities and colleges around the world. It will also help them in their travels and future careers.

At the Inspire Academy our aim is to help people of all ages learn languages. If your child is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced speaker and would like to enhance their language skills in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, and more.

The Inspire Academy is one of the few schools that can take kids from zero to 100 regardless of your child’s language level. All our teachers are native speakers. For example, your child will learn French from a person who is from France, Spanish from a teacher from Spain, and other languages from teachers of their native home language.

Our language teachers will keep you on track to develop confidence in foreign language communication. Their success is our success.

At the Inspire Academy, we are serious about language learning; but that doesn’t mean that learning a new language can’t be fun.

Children learn about different cultures, traditions, and events. The lessons at the Inspire Academy go far beyond simple conversation. Through interactive exercises, role-playing and meaningful experiences, participants are more involved and motivated to progress. They express themselves in this way more naturally. Without complex.

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