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Get the experience, live the moment

That is what we are looking for. Enjoy life, all it has to offer. Life is an inexhaustible
creative source. pé Experiences follow one another, we transform,
evolve and improve.
These experiences, whether good or bad, must be sought and their full potential
exploited. Depending on the experience, we are looking for fun, challenges, encounters,
or all of these things at once.
At The Inspire Academy, a language training and coaching centre located in Biarritz, we
take into account our students; desires and give them the experiences they are looking
for so that they can best enjoy the moment they are living.
We do more than just courses. We create experiments. During which time, students
enjoy engaging in activities that they have been able to choose, enjoy or discover. Ties of
respect and friendship are forged with coaches and other participants. They develop or
improve the practice of a sport, such as surfing and yoga, or an art, such as music and
Don’t rely too much on the name. We do not want to limit ourselves to simple academic
issues. Courses at The Inspire Academy are real human experiences.
Maryam, the director, is used to taking her students for a walk or to do sports activities
on the Basque Coast, such as surfing in Biarritz or yoga in Saint de Luz, while practicing
English. Thanks to these activities, far from the formality of the classroom, it is possible
to enjoy learning a foreign language while discovering a new activity, and by applying
the vocabulary learned to a concrete situation.