You are spending some time in the Bask Country during your holidays?

That is so nice! I guess you will try to surf a little bit, or maybe you are already a professional.

At The Inspire Academy, we had a new idea : French & Surf program.

Maybe you would like to learn French also while you are here, but you are more attracted by the ocean than the French classes. Don’t worry, we can understand that!

That is why we had this new idea. The teacher of The Inspire Academy really loves to surf too; so she thought about that : why couldn’t we surf and learn French at the same time? Yes it’s possible, and Maryam is going to make that happen with a real french surf instructor.

So if you are interested in that, you can call us or send us an email 😉

-> 07 78 03 89 86


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The Inspire Academy Biarritz – Bask Country