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French lessons in Beautiful Hendaye

What if you could combine an awesome getaway with some French learning courses abroad? Imagine jetting off to Hendaye and finally taking those classes that will propel your learning beyond basic phrases. With our courses, you would get the opportunity to sharpen your fluency, all while exploring the local culture, and hitting the beach.

Doesn’t quite sound realistic? Well, the good news is, you can have a vacation and learn French by taking an immersion course! It’s the perfect way to combine your dream vacation with an immersive experience that’ll get you so much closer to fluency.


 Our French courses combine language studying with different aspects of the language and offer you the possibility to improve your fluency thanks to time spent on oral communication activities. Our program will help you practice your oral communication and get familiar with the French culture and civilization during your French language classes in France. All our efforts are focused on making your French language stay in Hendaye useful, stimulating, and enjoyable! So join our language immersion program and learn french on your holiday! We will make sure this experience is enriching for your French vocabulary and language skills and will also be, first and foremost, a pleasurable time for you to spend with welcoming people in amazing locations.