Learn French with IA in Biarritz

Discover the French language in one of the most beautiful cities in France: Biarritz .
Thats right, The Inspire Academy offers French courses in Biarritz during your summer vacation. Why not improve your skills in French before swimming in the Basque Coast (one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe)? Even better, our academy is located only a few minutes by car from the beaches of the Basque Coast. So you can take classes and then visit the Basque Country right after!.


« I do not know a place more charming and magnificent than Biarritz » – Victor Hugo


Why take French lessons in Biarritz with The Inspire Academy?

  • The team is cool : At The Inspire Academy, everyone is passionate. You will be able to learn French in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Sharing and listening are important points in our academy. Our teachers accompany you according to your needs.


  • Various programs : At The Inspire Academy, we like to interact, share moments and gain rewarding experiences. Among all of our programs, you can choose between « French and skills », « French & Surf », « French & Yoga » or even « French & Fun; »


  • Fast results: The IA  ​​method will allow you to acquire many language skills quickly and efficiently. With our proposed exercises, your goals will be achieved quickly. For example, we watch videos, card games, artistic creations, and many other exercises… If you give yourself the chance, you can speak the French correctly in a short time.


For more information, call us on 07 78 03 89 86 or write to us at this address: contact@inspireacademy.fr

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