Foreign language courses in the BAB sector (Biarritz, Anglet, Bayonne)

Do you live in the Basque Country and would like to learn a new language or deepen your skills in English and / or Spanish? Look no further: The Inspire Academy offers foreign language courses in Biarritz.

Thanks to The Inspire Academy, you can learn a foreign language in Biarritz in a different environment and far from a school system where learning is sometimes too theoretical. Indeed, different formations are proposed. You can for example discover the joys of surfing while speaking in English or enjoy a moment of serenity by practicing yoga in Spanish. Learning while having fun is much more interesting, isn’t it?

Choice of languages

In our website, you will discover the numerous formulas of courses elaborated according to your needs. Choose the language you want – between Spanish, English and French.
The fluency in the Spanish language will be a big benefit, given our location. As you know it is very easy to to Spain within a few minutes and having some Spanish skills will allow you to enjoy more of your excursions without worrying about not knowing what to say. Speaking a different language will allow you to interact with many people.
English is also an omnipresent language in our daily lives. Mastering it will allow you to travel with confidence and eventually secure your professional future. There are many good reasons why we want to learn English and it’s never too late to start.

A different apprenticeship

The Inspire Academy offers you individual or group lessons, whatever your motivations. The learning is done in a friendly and warm atmosphere, where the coaches are listening to their students. In addition, The Inspire Academy advocates direct immersion of the student for learning that is faster and more effective. For this, we propose concrete and realistic exercises which plunge our students in real and daily situations.

Language courses are accessible to all: children, teenagers and adults.

If you still hesitate to join us, we invite you to visit us or to contact us for more information by clicking here for the Biarritz campus or here for the Bordeaux campus.

The Inspire Academy

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