A little motivation to start learning a new foreign language

The awesome reasons to learn a foreign language? There are many. The Inspire Academy has selected 5 for you, here is the list:

  • Increase your professional opportunities:  

Nowadays, knowing a different language seems indispensable at the professional level. Speaking a foreign language will allow you to have more job opportunities. In this case, English is often chosen, but Spanish is also a good choice: known as one of the easiest languages ​​to learn, it is the mother tongue of over 400 million people worldwide.

  • Travel abroad : 

Traveling will expand your vision of the world and life. Speaking another language will allow you to interact with foreign people who can bring you a lot.

  • Discover a new culture  :

You will discover a new way of thinking by discovering the meanings of words. Whether in Spanish or English, each language has different expressions. Also, for example the Chinese language is totally different. It is a pictographic and ideographic language unlike Latin languages ​​Learning a language is learning its culture.

  • Rediscover your favorite artists:

Have you ever dreamed of understanding the lyrics of a song without having to look to Google for translation? You might even be surprised at the meaning of the words you sing loudly in your car. Understanding the meaning of a song of your favorite artist from the first listen is a significant advantage. Speaking a foreign language will also allow you to watch your favorite movies in the original version and discover for the first time the true voices of your beloved actors.

  • To enrich yourself:

Learning a new language can very often improve one’s self-confidence while increasing one’s personal and professional development. Also, nothing like studies to stimulate your brain … Learning a foreign language will develop and push back your cognitive abilities. With such learning, it’s as if you’re launching a permanent challenge to your brain.


On your marks, ready, talk ! Come discover all our language courses. At The Inspire Academy all the reasons are good to learn a new language so come and try the experience! You will not be disappointed.

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