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Will power is our driving force

The desire to learn is a driving force. Without motivation, there are no real learning opportunities. And to deeply develop this desire for evolution, it is necessary to understand the meaning of this way of learning as well as the purpose to which it is directed. It is what drives a person to broaden his or her horizons and therefore to have a greater perspective in life.
The desire to learn is natural and the true pedagogy is the one that allows a person to be in close relationship natural settings and every day lifestyle and interactions.


Will power , a good teacher , and practice are 3 key elements that give the impetus to make rapid progress. Giving people the desire to learn is an art that helps a third person to reconnect to their deepest desires and what they want to share with the world.


At The Inspire Academy, a language training and coaching centre located in Biarritz, we see pedagogy and learning as a way to take off and achieve the projects that inspire us so much. We integrate our methods into a dynamic of movement and self-realization to make learning fun and fulfilling for our students.


We are very sensitive to certain subjects that are close to our hearts. Language skills, sports activity, and training that support entrepreneurship are important topics that we think it is important to share.


Raising awareness of this dimension is part of The Inspire Academy’s vision. Languages, sport and business creation are ways to open up to the world, to develop and to give the best of yourself.


Our Language & Fun trainings ( English, French, Spanish, etc )  are particularly important to us. They give people opportunities to reconnect with the language they desire to master while integrating the sports aspect for more positive energy  in their lives