Meanwhile in English class for teens Alex and Meline…

Determined to improve their English during the summer, Alex and Meline engaged in several activities as part of their English training.

They constantly push themselves to progress by improving their accent, popularizing the speech and growing their self-confidence. Thanks to this method, they will have the best abilities for their English learning.

This morning, we attended an applied and careful reading by Meline. 
Congratulations Meline !! Your efforts pay.

Reading in learning a foreign language

It is well known that reading is one of the best ways to make clear progress in a foreign language. For this we have concocted some tips:

  • Read books adapted to your level. You will find this type of book indicating the level necessary for its easy reading in France.
  • Read books with subjects that inspire and intrigue you. Of course, before making the effort, it is necessary that there is enjoyment in reading a book. Basically, this is not a stressful activity ,but rather relaxing .
  • Don’t try translating word by word. Put yourself in the context of the book and use your spirit of deduction.
  • The use of a dictionary is recommended only when you have a complete misunderstanding of an expression or a word.
  • Remember to change types of reading: newspaper, magazines, comics, novel …
  • It is important to read regularly to appreciate your efforts
  • And finally, one last essential thing: do not give up !

If you are interested in these English courses for teens, contact us on the campus of Biarritz or Bordeaux .

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