Be active in learning English to make real improvements

Whether you live in the Basque Country or you are there during the summer, The Inspire Academy offers you the opportunity to improve your English level through the activities of your choice.

Thanks to the English and Fun program, you can combine fun with learning, using English through arts or sports activities.

A language is not an end in itself, it is above all a means. It opens the doors of new encounters, discoveries, travels … That’s why it’s important to apply your knowledge to real life situations. Grammar and vocabulary are two essential pillars while learning any language. But although they are necessary, they are not enough. These are simple tools that must always be in hand, and be familiar with. Knowing them and being comfortable allows them to be handled with precision during a conversation. A session of yoga, musical composition, or painting are all ways to put all these well-maintained gears into motion, which is the knowledge of languages.

Learn a language while enjoying it increases ones’ chance of progression. During an activity, whether its sporty or artistic, all of our senses are stimulated. It is no longer only the mind that works, but also touch, sight, hearing … Instead of learning memorized phrases and grammatically correct sentences, speaking English during various activities pushes the spirit beyond from his comfort zone. The mind enters the infinite space of creation and reflection, forcing itself to shape and adapt its knowledge to the situation.

For an authentic experience of the Basque Country, The Inspire Academy invites you to join our surf sessions in English. The Basque Country is a region known worldwide for its beaches and surfing. Whether you are a seasoned surfer or a beginner, The Inspire Academy lets you slide on waves … but in English! In order to be more effective, the groups remain restricted and the students are constantly asked by their coach. You can enjoy the beach while improving your level of English!

The Inspire Academy

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