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Creative Language Learning by The Inspire Academy

Self-love is fundamental to developing a fulfilling life and it also involves an expression of its singularity , its creativity.

Baudelaire said: « The talent of oneself is his sensitivity. »  Talent is not something reserved for everyone. It is the singular ability of each to feel. Being in one’s « talent » zone does not mean being perfect. On the contrary, it means being in a zone of uniqueness and brilliance. Not to develop self-love is to stifle our singularity, our creativity and our genius. And the price to pay is very heavy.

Learning can be a great playground for expressing this existing creativity in each of us. Learning is not memorizing, it is also inventiveness and innovation. From this perspective, learning takes on a whole new aspect and a whole new flavor.


Below one of our students in full creative learning

creative learning


Far too often, this notion of learning is associated with hard work. Yet learning can take extraordinary forms and become a source of pleasure . This satisfaction comes especially when we associate pedagogy with creativity .

Creative learning is so effective, it restores the flavor of knowledge. Creativity is not the preserve of great creators. It is present in many spheres. To achieve this, it is necessary to implement lessons that promote creative performance through a production process.

Building skills through creativity is the educational idea that drives us, here at The Inspire Academy. Each of us has opportunities to learn and bring our students back to their natural ability, by finding the field in which they could best develop their creativity from the point of view of learning and action.

Individuals are creative because they have decided to be creative, because creativity is not just a way of thinking but a way of life.

It is from this state of mind that we transmit our love of languages in the most innovative, creative way possible. Surfing, painting, piano, and drawing are a few tools among many others that we use. These are wonderful ways to learn a language, to make it live in itself, to reinvent itself through the creative process and thus achieve a greater evolution of oureselves and… to help others to do the same.


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