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Conversing in Arabic to learn naturally 

Salam Alaikom ! Today, we’ll talk a little more about our newly created Arabic courses from The Inspire Academy.

More specifically, it is about conversations in Arabic.

Learning Arabic with a professional coach is good. But learning Arabic with a professional coach for whom it is the mother tongue is better. To achieve a less mechanical and more natural level of language, there is no secret: you have to practice the language as much as possible.

We all know the propensity of the human mind to act like a sponge. That it is the intelligence of a child who learns to speak his mother tongue in a few months by copying the adults around him. Or of ourselves, when we spend a lot of time with a friend, and we end up catching his tics of languages ​​or his intonations. That is why if you are learning Arabic, it is very important to receive lessons and advice from coaches for whom Arabic is the mother tongue. By spending time with someone experienced, not only does the level of language increase, but its use also becomes more natural and gains in authenticity.

At The Inspire Academy, we do not seek to limit ourselves to purely academic instruction; it’s just not our method. The coaches who teach Arabic want above all to familiarize students with a way of thinking specific to the language and culture they discover. Students face situations where they have to use Arabic, just as they would with French. They no longer have to practice with grammatical questions, but to trust their intuition, to try, to make mistakes, to correct themselves, to listen, to copy and to repeat.

Whether it is a simple group conversation or a good lunch, we allow you to express yourself in a relaxed atmosphere. The coaches are there to accompany you and help you when you express yourself. In such an environment, improving your language level will only increase tenfold. Do not wait any longer, and come and enjoy some great experiences at The Inspire Academy!

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