“A smile is cheaper than electricity, but gives as much light.“ – L’Abbé Pierre

Have you ever received a smile in an unlikely situation ? Did it make you feel a sense of satisfaction? And afterwards, did you realize that you had the same smile on your lips ?

If that is the case, then good news, you have just caught a rare disease in this day and age : Happiness !

According to the online dictionary, « l’Internaute » the definition of compassion is, “a feeling of sympathy for the problems of another person, “ which unfortunately, is frequently confused with pity . Compassion is a virtue, whereas pity is a feeling.

Both notions of happiness and compassion are closely related . Being compassion towards peers increases loyalty and dedication among colleages, which creates a warmer work environment.

Many people tend to think that the human nature is naturally selfish with the typical mindset of “who is the strongest. “ We often forget to recognize that without each other, we are nothing and no one can survive alone.

Emma Seppala, a scientist from the University of Stanford, has scientifically proven that compassion leads to happiness. In her words, “The best kept secret of happiness is to serve others.“

“We are never happy except in the happiness that we give. To give is to receive.” -L’Abbé Pierre

Compassion is the epicenter and strength of The Inspire Academy. We use this character to do our job. Whether it be lending an ear and taking the time to listen, giving encouragement, advice, gifts, a pat on the back or a hug.

With this method, our students attend our classes with renewed enthusiasm – while being natural and smiling, because they know that they will be relaxed and happy to come to class. Through our positive method, they have no pressure and learn by detaching themselves from this daily weight. Just like our team, who can’t wait to get up in the morning to come and work at the academy.

For the people who want to make an effort, know that it is possible to train your brain to become compassionate. No, no you do not have sight problems, there are several tips !!!

According to multiple studies , meditation is the best way to train oneself to feel compassion and develop selflessness. We invite you to join us as we train our minds and souls to become compassionate, here at the Inspire Academy !