Would you like to learn English?

At The Inspire Academy, we offer you the opportunity to combine fun with language learning, while enjoying activities, whether artistic or sporting.

Concerning the activities, you will be able to choose them, from sliding sports to yoga, or even lunches, etc. They will take place on the Basque Coast, such as in Biarritz, Anglet or Bayonne, but also in the Landes, such as Hossegor. Exchanges will take place throughout the activity, in a foreign language of course and with a level adapted to your own (English, Spanish, French).

Language training at The Inspire Academy is open to anyone who wants to improve and gain greater self-confidence in mastering a foreign language. To do this, we have noticed that when we practice an activity that allows us to let off steam, to surpass ourselves, we are more creative and autonomous. This makes us stronger and more confident, and then promotes learning.

Finally, as far as our rates are concerned, the price of the activities is included in the delivery of the language courses.

Are you interested? All you have to do is contact us so that we can agree together on a possible appointment during which we can answer your questions. And provide you with the necessary information about the services offered to you at The Inspire Academy.