“When training is combined with coaching; it increases productivity by about 88%”  

Journal of public personnel management.


Professional coaching is a unique experience to help you overcome many things. At first your difficulties, then your future plans and finally increase your chances of success. This coaching helps you to achieve and exploit your potential, as a member of a team or as a leader. This is a common practice for leaders and professionals in business, government, education and non-profit organizations. Engaging in your own coaching experience is a way to deepen your understanding of coaching practices, objectives and ethics, while making significant changes to your relationships, practices and thoughts.

This coaching program allows participants to set and achieve goals in order to boost and advance their professional careers. The purpose of coaching a person or a team within a company is to develop the potential, know-how and professional skills of each individual. Whether you are in the field of sales, negotiation, as part of a large team or as a manager or executive, the benefits of coaching serves all types of workers. The overall benefits include more self-confidence and self-confidence, better listening, questions, speaking skills and optimal body posture. Professional coaching helps to establish authentic relationships with people in order to improve them and receive more positive feedback from employees.

The Inspire Academy’s coaching methods allow you to:

– Set organized career goals and develop plans to achieve them.

– Identify gaps in knowledge or skills.

– Bet on the training you received.

– Improve your interpersonal skills.

– Increase individual performance and organization.

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Maryam Lafargue is a certified coach and consultant for the Protocol School of Washington. She defines coaching as a partnership with individuals in a stimulating and creative process that encourages them to maximize their personal and professional potential.