What is coaching?

Coaching is a recognized method that accompanies you on a daily basis to help you achieve any goal that you cannot achieve on your own. It is based on an alliance between the coachee and his coach who guides him to your best level of success and fulfillment.

How does online coaching work?

Online coaching is a faster, more convenient, more serene, and more economical process:

Quick in intensity, you get to the essentials of researching and implementing an action plan. Convenient because almost immediate: There is no travel to plan. We are comfortably installed in a quiet room. Serene because the relationship is neutral, out of context, and protective. Without the pitfall of the fear of judgment, the coachee approaches more quickly what can be difficult to share face to face.

  • Coaching for professional development:

This coaching program allows participants to set and achieve goals in order to boost and advance in their professional careers.

Supporting a person or a team within a company aims to develop the potential, know-how, and professional skills of each. Whether you are in the field of sales, negotiation, within a large team, or as a manager or leader, the benefits of coaching serve all types of workers. Overall benefits include increased confidence in yourself and others, better listening, questioning, speaking skills, and optimal body posture. Professional coaching helps to establish authentic relationships with employees in order to receive better, more positive reactions from them.

The lessons are interactive and become captivating for the student thanks to our teaching tools. (exercises, videos, e-mail assistance, personalized support)