Are you looking for good reasons to learn a foreign language? There are plenty of them, and The Inspire Academy has selected 5 of them just for you. Here is the list:

  • Enhance your business opportunities

A foreign language will allow you to maximize being indispensable on a professional level.

Nowadays, knowing a different language is proven to be a competitive advantage for getting hired at an international company. Being able to speak a foreign language will allow you to maximize your job opportunities. In this case, English is often appreciated, because it is known to be the world’s most common language for business and international communication. However, knowing how to communicate in Spanish, which is the worlds 2nd most spoken language, is definitely an excellent language skill to have. Spanish is also known to be one of the easiest languages to learn, it is the first language of more than 400 million people in the world.

  • To travel abroad

Traveling will widen your perspective and view of life. Speaking another language will allow you to communicate with people from different countries. When we speak the local language of the country we are visiting, it is often the case that the locals of the country appreciate and feel touched by the fact that we are happy and open to speaking their language. As a result, they may share much more with you than you could have imagined.

  • Discover another culture

You will be able to discover a new way of thinking by learning the meanings of different words and expressions. Whether it is in Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese or Arabic, every language contains various words and expressions and its own culture behind them. For example, Chinese languages are totally different. They are pictorial writing and ideographic languages unlike Latin languages. Learning a language is also learning its culture and mannerisms.

  • Rediscover your favorite artists

Have you ever dreamed about understanding the lyrics of a song without having to look up the translation on Google Translate? You might be surprised about the meanings of those lyrics that you sing your heart out to in your car. Understanding the meaning of your favorite artist’s songs from a first listen is a considerable advantage – and singing in the car is so much more fun ! Speaking a foreign language will also allow you to watch the original versions of your favorite movies and discover for the first time the true voices of the actors you find so entertaining to watch in action.

  • Personally enrich yourself

Learning a new language allows you to improve your self-confidence while enhancing your personal and professional development. Discovering a foreign language will develop and push your cognitive faculties. Through language learning, you are constantly challenging your brain.


On your marks, get set…speak !! The Inspire Academy (IA) is here for you for all of your language learning need. At The Inspire Academy, every reason for learning a language is a good reason so just come and try!

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